Got a BigHead? DeutscheFIT is the perfect fit for you.

DeutscheFIT specializes in BigHead glasses so you never have to squeeze your head in small uncomfortable frames ever again. Get glasses with superior quality, flawless fitting and innovative design at an affordable price at DeutscheFIT.

Flexible and featherlight with perfect weight balancing, it is the perfect Asian fit highly demanded far and wide. Singapore, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Vietnam, you name it!

Every single component of DeutscheFIT glasses is made with quality materials from around the globe. With innovative acetate from Mazzuchelli (Italy), nylon from Akema (France), titanium from prestigious Kobelco (Japan), anti-slip silicon nosepad from Frey & Winkler (Germany), and screw from OBE (Germany), DeutscheFIT sources only from the best.

DeutscheFIT goes where none have dared to venture, conquering even the rugged, snowcapped terrain of Mount Everest with our overlapping glasses.

Embrace your BigHead and tackle everyday’s challenge with style and ease together with DeutscheFIT